19 – 21 May 2022

Design Team Fabrics

Design Team is a Textile design company focusing on the creation of contemporary textiles and products inspired by Africa. We embrace the fact that we are part of the African continent and do not limit ourselves to the cultures and elements of Southern Africa. We recognise the uniqueness and global relevance and new found appreciation of Africa as a creative force with great wealth of cultural and craft tradition.
Each of our designs tell a story and has been created through a process of research and inspiration, working together in ranges and colour palettes that are on trend but authentic.

We have a contemporary style with Scandinavian design principles of simplicity and clean but eye-catching design. Our iconic and easily recognisable designs are the focus of our ranges rather than unnecessary additions of trim and complicated product structures. Our designs speak for themselves.

Design Team is an ACCESSIBLE Designer brand – we are not pretentious, glamorous, over-the-top or ego driven. Our designs are not “ethnic” but rather draws on African inspiration with a contemporary interpretation.

Our products are refined and not “home-made”, which speaks to finishes, quality of materials used and the technical level of design.

Every element of our designs and products are considered and planned.
We love working with natural fibres such as cotton and linen blends and place massive emphasis on quality and attention to detail.


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